The Travel Agent

Title: The Travel Agent

Director: Niccolò Bruna

Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary

Running times: 52 min, 89 min

Country: Spain, Italy, Cuba

Format: 16:9 HD COLOR

Status: Finished

In coproduction with: Progetto Cataclisma, La Bottega dell'imagine, Baby Doc Film

With the support of: Piemonte Doc Film Fund

US Educational Sales: Pragda

International Sales: Feelsales

Festival Distribution: Freak Agency


Havana, Cuba. 54th year of embargo. From her tiny office overlooking the US Interests Section, Lourdes counsels thousands seeking a travel visa for the US. She fine tunes her customers’ stories, so they have better chances to succeed. But despite helping others to travel, she has never been able to visit her mother, son and all family in Florida. “I quench the thirst of others every day, yet there’s not a drop of water for me” she states. After a long wait, Lourdes time has finally come: her interview is set. Will she able to travel and finally overturn her destiny of forced separation?


Directed by Niccolò Bruna
Written by Niccolò Bruna, Enrico Bona and Andrea Prandstaller with the collaboration of Carlota Coloma and Adrià Lahuerta
Executive Producers: Carlota Coloma, Adrià Lahuerta
Producers: Enrico Bona, Andrea Prandstaller and Giorgio Mari
Cinematography: Erik Delgado Ordoqui, Niccolò Bruna
Editing: Adrià Lahuerta, Enrico Giovannone
Sound: Pedro Pulido Brizuela
Sound design: Giorgio Ferrero, Rodolfo Mongitore (My boss was)
Grading: Roberto Allegro (La Bottega dell’imagine)
Graphic design: Asis Percales


2016 Muces 11 Muestra de Cine Europeo
2016 Festival des Escales Documentaires
2016 Festival Sant Andreu de la Barca
2016 Festival de documentaires Lyon
2016 Premi MON·DOC
2016 Cinealfama Lisbon International Film Awards
2015 Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine


2017 MiradasDoc – Best National Documentary Film Category: Honourable Mention
2015 Visioni dal Mondo – Immagini dalla Realtà, Festival Internazionale del Documentario: Premio UniCredit Pavilion Giovani