Shanghai was shining between the lines

Title: Shanghai was shining between the lines

Directors: Didac Alcaraz, Patricia Tamayo, Albert Badia, Jeffrey Frígula

Year: 2020

Genres: Documentary, Experimental

Running time: 90 min

Country: Spain

Format: 16:9 HD COLOR

Status: Finished

With the support of: Institut Ramon Llull


Shanghai was shining between the lines starts with the aim of portraying the multidisciplinary artist Didac Alcaraz and his particular work from an intimate perspective, taking as an excuse the moment when he decides to resume an old incomplete painting.


Directors: Jeffrey Frígula, Albert Badia, Patricia Tamayo, Didac Alcaraz
Script: Sergio Roldán, Albert Badia, Patricia Tamayo, Jeffrey Frígula, Didac Alcaraz
Production: Patricia Tamayo, Didac Alcaraz, Carlota Coloma
DOP: Albert Badia
Sound: Patricia Tamayo
Sound Designers: Oriol Campi, Didac Alcaraz
Animation: Patricia Tamayo, Didac Alcaraz
Editors: Sergio Roldán, Jeffrey Frígula, Didac Alcaraz
Color Correction: Nikita Routchenko
Executive producers: Carlota Coloma, Adrià Lahuerta
Produced by 15L Films
With the support of Institut Ramon Llull