Title: SCALE 1:5

Directors: Patricia Tamayo, Albert Badia

Year: 2017

Genres: Architecture Series, Documentary

Running time: 5 x 8 min chapters

Country: SPAIN

Format: 16:9 HD COLOR

Status: Finished

With the support of: Flores & Prats

With the collaboration of: Sala Beckett

Distributed by: The architecture player


A documentary series on creative processes, shot in Sala Beckett, Barcelona. Starring architects Flores & Prats, and with special collaborations by Curro Claret, Antoni Miralda, Soraya Smithson, Sergi Belbel and Toni Casares.


With: Ricardo Flores, Eva Prats, Toni Casares, Soraya Smithson, Antoni Miralda, Sergi Belbel, Curro Claret

Directed by Patricia Tamayo and Albert Badia
Executive producer: Carlota Coloma
Director of Photography: Albert Badia
Second camera operator: Carlota Bantulà
Music: Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés
Sound designer: Oriol Campi
Editors: Jeffrey Frígula, Sergio Roldán, Patricia Tamayo and Albert Badia


2019 – Arquitectura en corto. Barcelona and Lisboa.