Permanent Being

Title: Permanent Being

Director: Juan Palacios

Year: 2023

Genre: Experimental, Fiction

Running Time: 90 min

Country: Holanda, España

Format: 2K Digital Color + BW

Status: In development

In coproduction with: Revolver Amsterdam

With the support of: Netherlands Film Fund, Tabakalera 2DEO, ICAA

Among the sounds of the beach, a song in Basque from another era can be heard in the distance. It is a nostalgic song, longing for something, but what is it? In colorful Super 8, we move slowly between the gigantic vertical rock stratum of a geological setting. Coming from inside the stone, we hear three voices speaking simultaneously in Basque. They tell the story of a group of people who were trapped by a high tide that lasted thousands of years.


Directed by: Juan Palacios
Produced by Revolver Amsterdam and 15L FILMS