Title: OASIS

Director: Irene Baqué

Year: 2023

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 70 min

Country: España

Format: 4:3 COLOR

Status: In development

With the support of: Digital Borderlands (UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA)

Amalia Holguín is a young Rarámuri woman who leads El Oasis, an indigenous settlement funded by the Mexican government and located in the middle of Chihuahua. It is home to more than 500 Rarámuris who were displaced from the Sierra by drought and drug trafficking. Amalia strives to maintain their culture and improve their living conditions, seeking independence from the mestizos and the globalized world.


Directed byIrene Baqué
Director of Photography: Artur-Pol Camprubí
Executive Production: Carlota Coloma
Produced by 15L FILMS
With the support of Digital Borderlands (UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA)
Markets & Pitchings:
DocsMX – EFD Award- Plataforma IB