Director: Alex Sardà

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction

Running time: 20 min

Country: Spain

Format: 4k 16:9

Status: In Progress


Enric is scared to death and although he is unable to define what walls enclose him, he seeks to free himself again and again through seduction and sex. Throughout 24 hours we follow his efforts to avoid being unmasked by his lover, his friends, his ex or whoever crosses his path, while he observes his surroundings in search of answers that he cannot find, in a whirlwind that keeps growing until he collapses.


Scriptwriter and Director: Alex Sardà
Cast: Oriol Pla, Enric Auquer, Eneko Sagardoy, Laura Wiessmahr
Director of Photography: Nilo Zimmermann
Assistant Director and Casting: Claudia Aragón
Stylist: Isis Velasco
Editor: Estel New Roman
Sound: Anna Lanau
Executive Producer: Carlota Coloma
Produced by 15L Films