Title: Fronteres

Directors: Martí Colomer, Nil Pagès

Year: 2020

Genre: Documentary

Running time: 15 min

Country: Spain

Format: 16:9

Status: In Progress


BARRACA is a plastic artist and mountaineer. In 1985 he created the discipline – according to him – unique in the world, of painting on snow, called ‘Nivopintura’. The documentary follows the creation of the artist’s last and pharaonic work: Painting along 3 kilometers the crosses that demarcate the borders in the topographic maps directly to the terrain, at 2,000 meters of altitude. The portrait of a dreamer who according to him: “everybody has done things on the snow, but nobody has considered that his piss was a work of art. Well, I have.”


Directors: Nil Pagès and Martí Colomer
Director of Photography: Carles F. Galí
Editing: Júlia Obiols
Sound: Leo Dolgan
Music: Enrique Teruel
Sound postproduction: Mafalda Alba
Producer: Adrià Lahuerta
Executive Producer: Carlota Coloma