El Negro

Title: El Negro

Director: José González Morandi

Year: 2021

Genre: Documentary

Running time: 70 min

Country: Spain, Cuba

Format: 4K 16:9

Status: In Progress

In coproduction with: Luis Lago (Cuba)


Alphonse Arcelin fought for almost a decade for a black man to stop being exhibited in a Catalan museum. From this event, which had a great international media repercussion, EL NEGRO reviews the racist structures of Spanish society and reconstructs the history of the anti-racist movements that were generated around the struggle and the figure of Arcelin.


Director: José González Morandi
Executive Producers: Adrià Lahuerta, Luis Lago
Documentalists: Alberto López Bargados, Celeste Muñoz Martínez

Produced by 15L Films and Luis Lago (Cuba)