Como Todo Mortal

Title: Como Todo Mortal

Director: Maria Molina Peiró

Year: 2023

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Running Time: 80 min

Country: The Netherlands, Spain

Format: 2K Digital Color

Status: In development

In coproduction with: near/by film

With the support of: Netherlands Film Fund, ICAA, AFK in collaboration with IDFA, EYE Film Institute, Netherlands Film Academy

On a planet in the Solar System, a remote robot explores a desert landscape in search of minerals and signs of life. Light years away, or perhaps only a few meters, humans search for the origin of life, the remains of a lost civilization or the village of their childhood, beneath the mountains of a landscape that levitates between Andalusia and Mars.


Written and directed by: Maria Molina Peiró
Executive Producers: Manon Bovenkerk, Carlota Coloma
Produced by near/by film and 15L FILMS