Title: Podul de Piatrâ / Pont de Pedra

Director: Artur-Pol Camprubí

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction

Running time: 20 min

Status: Finished

with the support of: Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola


A street lamp marking the limit of a town in Aragon’s Eastern Strip lights up at nightfall. Angelica, a woman of Romanian origin living in the town, witnesses the birth of a foal at the stables where she works. The little creature’s struggle to free itself from the maternal placenta, its condition of ghostly and borderline existence, pierce her to the extent that she will be unable to shake off the image.


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Director: Alex Sardà

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction

Running time: 20 min

Status: In Progress


Enric is scared to death and although he is unable to define what walls enclose him, he seeks to free himself again and again through seduction and sex. Throughout 24 hours we follow his efforts to avoid being unmasked by his lover, his friends, his ex or whoever crosses his path, while he observes his surroundings in search of answers that he cannot find, in a whirlwind that keeps growing until he collapses.

We are a production company focused on feature documentaries and cultural industry content. We develop both self-initiated and commissioned projects, working with different directors and teams depending on the needs of every film.


We aim to explore the world through different perspectives, gaining consciousness about the diverse realities that surround us. We work internationally and believe in film as a political and educational tool.


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