Tupinamba ”Coffee does not keep us from dreaming.”

'Coffee keeps you from sleeping, but does not keep us from dreaming.''

2016.  INTERNET SPOT (2’50” minutes) by Patricio Suárez for TUPINAMBA.

Agency : Common Sense


They say that the coffee removes the dream, but to us has not prevented us dream. Coffees Tupimamba is one of these dreams of which almost do not remain. A familiar tradition. A legacy of values. Histories that go further of his name and his products. A dream that carries fulfilling more than one hundred years.


Director : Patricio Suárez
Producer: Adrià Lahuerta
Production assistant : Alba Calani, Lukas Naraskevicius
DOP :  Carlos Villaoslada
Gaffer : Xavi Ruiz
Focus Puller : Xavi Garcia