Taking care of ghosts

2016.  DOCUMMENTARY SHORTFILM  (3′ minutes) by Albert Badia for SALA BECKETT and FLORES & PRATS.


Barcelona, Sala Beckett, 2016. This film is composed by parts of conversations, walls, materials, faces, activities… Materials and people that are part of this building, that come from the past or the future, and are represented by it. This film is about the results of remodeling Sala Beckett, a space for creation made by Flores & Prats architects. A claim to share and to pay attention to details. This is how life becomes intense.


Director : Albert Badia
Production assistants: Patricia Tamayo, Lukas Naraskevicius
Music composer: Fréderic Choppin – Nocturne in E flat major, Op. 9 No. 2
Voice over: Anonymous voices of members of the Social Club Pau i Justicia

Toni Casares – Director of Sala Beckett
Eva Prats – Architect of Sala Beckett
Ricardo Flores – Architect of Sala Beckett
Aina Tur – Programming and head of relations with companies
Sergi Belbel – Dramatist and proferssor of Sala Beckett