An intimate look at the condition of the Cubans and their hopes in times of great changes.

2015. Spain-Italy. 16:9 HD Color. 89′ minutes.

Documentary Film  by Niccolò Bruna in coproduction with Progetto Cataclisma (Italy), shot in Havana, Cuba.


2017  MiradasDoc – Best National Documentary Film Category: Honourable Mention |  2017 MiradasDoc.
2015 Visioni dal Mondo – Immagini dalla Realtà, Festival Internazionale del Documentario: Premio UniCredit Pavilion Giovani.

Festival selection:

2016 Cinealfama Lisbon International Film Awards |Premi MON·DOC |  Muces 11 Muestra de Cine Europeo | Festival des Escales Documentaires |DOCSMX | Festival Sant Andreu de la Barca |  Festival de documentaires Lyon | Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine.

USA sales:  Pragda.
International sales: Feelsales.


Havana, Cuba. 54th year of embargo. From her tiny office overlooking the US Interests Section, Lourdes counsels thousands seeking a travel visa for the US. She fine tunes her customers’ stories, so they have better chances to succeed. But despite helping others to travel, she has never been able to visit her mother, son and all family in Florida. “I quench the thirst of others every day, yet there’s not a drop of water for me” she states.

After a long wait, Lourdes time has finally come: her interview is set. Will she able to travel and finally overturn her destiny of forced separation?


Watch the film film here (available in Canada or USA).


Watch the full film here (available in Spain or Portugal).


Production companies: Progetto Cataclisma and 15-L. Films
Director: Niccolò Bruna
Music: Plus
Producers: Paola Ciocca, Enrico Bona
Executive producers: Carlota Coloma, Adrià Lahuerta
DOP: Erik Delgado Ordoqui
Sound designer: Pedro Pulido Brizuela
Editor: Enrico Giovannone, Niccolò Bruna , Adrià Lahuerta.






Niccolò Bruna, born in Turin, Italy, in 1974 is an independent filmmaker and producer. He has been experimenting the expressive tools of documentary filmmaking since he attended in the EICTV school in Cuba in 1999. For the past 15 years he has striven to carry out quality film productions with human interest while offering a fresh glance on powerful social issues.
He won several awards with Dust, the great asbestos trial (2011) among it the best film in Baghdad, Rio de Janeiro and nominated for the David of Donatello, Italian Academy Prize.
His Magicarena (2014) has been theatrical released in Taiwan and in China, first time for a foreign documentary.
In 2015 he completed A closed mouth catches no flies (Le ragazze di Wuchale) on women condition in Ethiopia and Pequeñas mentiras piadosas (The travel agent) his 6 feature documentary.


2015 PEQUEÑAS MENTIRAS PIADOSAS (The travel agent) (Spain, Italy).

2015 Visioni dal Mondo – Immagini dalla Realtà, Festival Internazionale del Documentario: Premio UniCredit Pavilion Giovani.
2015 Visioni dal Mondo – Immagini dalla Realtà
2015 Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine

2015 A CLOSED MOUTH CATCHES NO FLIES (Le ragazze di Wuchale).

2014 MAGICARENA, co-directed with Andrea Prandstraller.

2011 DUST, THE GREAT ASBESTOS TRIAL (Polvere, Il grande processo dell’amianto), co-directed with Andrea Prandstraller (Italy/Belgium/Switzerland/France).

2012 Baghdad International Film Festival: First Prize Documentary Competition.
2012 Cinemambiente: Menzione Speciale Legambiente
2012 Filmambiente – Festival Internacional do Audiovisual Ambiental: Premio Mellor Longas
2012 Maratea Film Festival – La settimana del cinema di Maratea: Premio ‘Agamar’
2011 Cinemambiente: Premio speciale SubTi
2011 Euganea Film Festival: Premio Parco Colli Euganei
2011 FIDRA – Festival Internazionale del Reportage Ambientale: Special Mention Green Jury, Special Mention and Special Mention Unifidra
2008 Premio Solinas: Finalista Documentario per il Cinema
2008 Premio Solinas: Special Mention
2012 David di Donatello: Nominated as Best Documentary (Polvere – Il Grande Processo dell’Amianto)
2011 Premio Doc/it Professional Award: Nomination Premio Doc/it Professional Award

2009 City veins – il futuro del mondo passa da qui, as producer, directed by Andrea Deaglio.

2008 Salvemini professor Gaetano, sovversivo.

2008 Cesare, my grandpa in the space (Le avventure spaziali di nonno Cesare) as producer, directed by F.Bordino and A.Massano.

2007 Carmine Crocco, dei briganti il generale, as producer, directed by M. Lunardelli, A. Esposto.

2006 Rescue Mission (Missione soccorso), co-director and co-producer, with VV.AA.

2005 Leonardo, the true image (Leonardo, la vera immagine).

2005 Ritratti & Ricette.

2005 My nigerian sisters.

2005 Homeward (Verso casa).

2003 Straw stories (Storie di paglia).

1999 With the meat of my piggy (Con la carne de mi puerquito).