Meeting at the building

2012. A film by Carlota Coloma and Adrià Lahuerta.
In collaboration with Flores & Prats Architects.

  • Screenings
  • 2015 Museu del Cinema de Girona
  • 2015 Mart – Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto
  • 2013 Presented at the ArquinFAD, Barcelona
  • Awards
    2013 Best International Documentary Shortfilm at ARQFILMFEST, Chile
  • 2015 Festival de Arquitectura Contemporánea IAC, Caracas, Venezuela
    2013 5th Budapest Architecture Film Days
  • 2013 LOOP / Screen Festival Barcelona
  • 2013 Festival de Cine y Arquitectura de Avilés, FICARQ
  • 2013 IX Ponferrada Film Festival
  • 2013 Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisboa
  • 2013 VII Istanbul Internationa Architecture and Urban Films Festival


It’s a summer morning at the Building 111 of Terrassa. The courtyard hosts the daily activities of the neighbors and a newcomer is preparing to join the community.

‘Building 111 acts as a vertical square by offering residents a second circle of intimacy.

This film explores the social dimension of architecture hosted by Building 111 (Terrassa, Spain), designed by Flores & Prats Architects.

By means of a pure documentation without the aid of filters or scripts, real moments in the daily Summer routine of the inhabitants of the social housing complex, Carlota Coloma and Adrià Lahuerta (15-L. Films) interpret the attempt of the architects to give the neighborhood a central role in society as a second family, a ‘second circle of intimacy’, subverting the contemporary tendency toward isolation and individuality.

While the building is limited from the street by a large outer wall, on the inside, the enclosure is blurred and opens out in overlapped folds, where a system of balconies and terraces become an unexpected shared space to socialize. This vertical square surrounds a large empty space at the center of the complex, a platform for social gatherings and for encouraging communication and relationships with friends and local residents. The central community space also becomes an intermediate element between the city and the surrounding landscape, thanks to the views through the enormous opening that frames the Torresana Park.’

Text by Architecture Player.

Technical Info

  • Direction
  • Carlota Coloma
  • Adrià Lahuerta
  • Production Company
  • 15-L. Films
  • In Co-production with
  • Flores & Prats Architects
  • Year
  • 2012
  • Language
  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • Duration
  • 15:51′
  • Video format
  • HD 1080p
  • Audio format
  • Dolby Stereo
  • With
  • The neighbours of Building 111
  • Executive Producer
  • Flores & Prats Architects
  • Producers
  • Carlota Coloma
  • Adrià Lahuerta
  • Production Assistants
  • Luis Lago
  • Joan Sanz
  • Oriol Valls
  • Laura Bendixen
  • Julia Andersson
  • Music
  • ‘Meeting at the building’, Odetta
  • Edition
  • Adrià Lahuerta
  • Carlota Coloma
  • Graphics
  • L’Estudi Amagat
  • With the support of
  • Habitatge Terrassa
  • In Collaboration with
  • Flores & Prats Architects