A story in the interior of the Bolivian Jungle.

2017. Spain-Bolivia. 16:9 HD Color . 72′ and 52′ minutes.

Documentary Film  by Sergio Estrada with the support of Fundación Noel Kempff Mercado (Bolivia), shot in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and Doñana (Spain)


Current State: Development


Project Selected in 5th Mentoring Projects FESTIVAL DE CINEMA INDEPENDENT L’ALTERNATIVA 2017


Noel Kempff leads a un group of scientists, nine Bolivians and ten Spanish, who have organized an expedition to go deep into the interior of the Bolivian jungle, with the certainty that it will be one of the biggest and important biological expeditions of all times, but their destiny was already written.

A dense fog descends on a city and moves towards the jungle and on its way doors, windows, eyes and ears of the people who live around are closing. Meanwhile the expedition travels to their mortal destiny, the people from the place become mute witnesses and murderers’s accomplices.

The next day a whole country will wake up that is the drug traffic that governs them.


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