What does HOME mean to you?

2017. Spain. 16:9 HD Color. CROSSMEDIA.

Documentary web series. 16:9 HD Color. 8 Chapters of 28′ minutes. In collaboration with IAM and Taller Estampa, shot in Tibet, Greece, Alaska, Colombia, Maluku Islands. An IAM original idea.


Current State: Development


Project selected in:

2017 VISIONS DU REÉL – IDW (5th Interactive Documentary Workshop)

2017 DOCSBARCELONA – Interactive Pitch

2017 DOCSBARCELONA – Speed Meetings

2017 CROSS VIDEO DAYS – Content Market


This project starts with a question: What does home mean to you? It’s a personal quest of a whole generation. We want to ask ourselves what home is, because even if some of us have lived in many places, others have stayed
in the same place all life, we all have a general feeling of not being connected to something real, of not deeply belonging to something. In our context, with phones, laptops, internet, connection, everything seems to work, but at the same time we have the feeling that something is not working, something is disconnecting us.

So we found Heidegger’s theory “Back Home and recognition of the other”, that talks about this uprooting feeling. It says that you can only recognize Home when you loose it, and that when you’re uprooted, you can only recover Home by talking to others, other cultures, and recognizing the other’s Homes. So we decided to start a journey, asking in different places of the world what home means. The web series deepens into various homes around the world with totally different cultural backgrounds, but threatened by common con icts such as wars, climate change, sexism, migrations, etc. We will capture the stories behind these different homes, looking for this personal deep feeling of belonging and showing an attractive and unknown point of view that will encourage the audience to search its own de nition of Home, and to discover that Home, at the end of the day, is a global and recurrent human feeling.




You can watch the teaser featuring the Tibetan refugees: