A big western bonfire

2017. Spain. 16:9 HD Color. 8 Chapters of 28′ minutes.

Real life events
Online Installation
Documentary Webseries
 written and directed by Miguel León from an Original Idea by IAM and with the collaboration of Taller Estampa.


Current State: Development


Project Selected in:

2017 VISIONS DU REÉL – IDW (5th Interactive Documentary Workshop)

2017 DOCSBARCELONA – Interactive Pitch

2017 DOCSBARCELONA – Speed Meetings

2017 CROSS VIDEO DAYS – Content Market


HOME is the great bonfire around which six stories will be developed, calling into question the idea of home as something univocal, stable, finished, universal. Stories located in different parts of the world and surrounded by an omniscient voice that bit by bit will be discovering her own story: the one about an uprooted woman, in search of new myths with which to found a new idea of HOME, more in line with the current world. A world that seems to be fracturing in front of an audience who will find in HOME, the shelter of a modern western full of nomadism and emotion.



Look & Feel

Teaser in the Tibetan settlement in Nepal: