Hello Ms. Hock

2013. A film by Jordi Bernadó.
In collaboration with Daniel Mòdol architect and Pati Núñez Agency.
With the support of Casa de la Cultura Lloret de Mar and Ajuntament de Lloret de Mar.

2013 Best International Experimental Shortfilm at ARQFILMFEST, Chile
2013 LOOP Screen Festival Barcelona
2013 6th Festival Internacional de Videoarte Proyector 13, Madrid


The architect of Casa de la Cultura in Lloret de Mar commissions a work to the world famous painter Ms. Hock. This video reproduces 8 minutes of the audio of the interview to Ms. Hock and shows some preliminary moments of the working sessions.

‘This innovative and unusual video experiment, directed by Jordi Bernadó and produced by 15-L. Films and the architect Daniel Mòdol, explores the vision of a fictional character, world famous painter Ms. Hock, by means of a complete subversion of the traditional narrative styles used in the architectural communication, through an ideal contraposition of the concepts of time and space.

‘Hello Ms. Hock’ opens with a medley of words, 8 minutes of audio from the interview with Ms. Hock play without any images or visual context, in contraposition to the crystallized fixed framing of some preliminary moments of the working sessions, without words or time.

The photographer Jordi Bernadó – in collaboration with Daniel Mòdol, architect of the Casa de la Cultura in Lloret de Mar, and Pati Nuñez, cultural communicator – aims at narrating and observing in video the poetics of Ms. Hock’s art in terms of space and absence of time.’

Text from Architecture Player

Technical Info

  • Direction
  • Jordi Bernadó
  • Production Company
  • 15-L. Films
  • In Co-production with
  • Estudio Jordi Bernadó
  • Year
  • 2013
  • Language
  • English
  • Duration
  • 13:47′
  • Video format
  • HD 1080p
  • Audio format
  • Dolby Stereo
  • With
  • Joan Sabaté
  • Quimet Sabaté
  • Anna Badia
  • Ginés Gorriz
  • Claudi Usandizaga
  • Laia Estruch
  • Daniela Hartmann
  • Paco March
  • Esmeralda González
  • Júlia Molins
  • Aitana March
  • Anton Blagov
  • Ainhoa Sánchez
  • Cosma Musacchio
  • Eduardo Forte
  • Bartomeu Comas
  • Lukas Kulhas
  • Yolanda Grunvald
  • Pati Núñez
  • Daniel Mòdol
  • Voice-over
  • Alex Nodes
  • Georg Kayser
  • Esmeralda González


  • Executive Producer
  • Daniel Mòdol
  • Jordi Bernadó
  • Producers
  • Carlota Coloma
  • Adrià Lahuerta
  • Production Assistants
  • Cosma Musacchio
  • Eduardo Forte
  • Assistant Director
  • Daniel Viedma
  • Art Director
  • Sara Oliva
  • Art Assistant
  • Nadia Sanmartin
  • Cinematographer
  • Guto Moura
  • Focus Puller
  • Sergi Escuin
  • HD Assistant
  • Sergi Canyelles
  • Grip
  • Manuel Lafuente
  • Make-up Artist
  • Alana Gayet
  • Costume Designer
  • Jèss Monterde
  • Edition
  • Adrià Lahuerta
  • Carlota Coloma
  • Color Correction
  • Pau Codina
  • Graphics
  • L’Estudi Amagat
  • With the support of
  • Casa de la Cultura de Lloret de Mar
  • Ajuntament de Lloret de Mar
  • In Collaboration with
  • Daniel Mòdol Architect
  • Pati Núñez Agency



Jordi Bernadó explores contemporary architecture, urban spaces, and landscapes in large-scale black-and-white and color photographs. He is interested in photography as a way to “conceive the city,” as he has said, and among other locations he has captured scenes in Atlanta, Detroit, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Cape Town, and Berlin in the 1990s after the fall of the wall. With an eye for the absurd, Bernadó produces bold compositions that are frequently devoid of human presence and capture visual contradictions—a set of vibrant blue gates opening onto a misty wilderness in Stockholm, or a collection of shiny pastel-colored mopeds parked in a crumbling, antiquated interior space in Barcelona. In his books, Bernadó has paired images from different locations in order to create troubling juxtapositions and highlight the paradoxes of globalization.