Natural Experience | Selfie


2017. 16:9 HD Color.  3 Commercials (47” seconds) by Guillermo A. Chaia for OCB.

Agency: Common Sense


It seems like nowadays we are drifting further away from nature and our original, natural selves.  We have become hooked on technology, fashion and many other superficial and non-natural things. Natural Geographic is a documentary based on
the silly aspects that now rule our lives with a wild twist.  We are still animals with or without selfie-sticks.Let’s all be more natural, please.


Director: Guillermo A. Chaia
Producer: Adrià Lahuerta
DOP:  Ivan Rubio
Production Assistants: Marcel Tomàs, Alba Calani, Andrea Faroppa, Lukas Naraskevicius
Stylist:  Alba Costa
Make up: Rut Fulgado
Editor: Guillermo A. Chaia